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4 min readDec 2, 2023

Nekoverse: City of Greed ventures into the emerging genre of Roguelike Deck-building, which has recently gained momentum with notable success on platforms like Steam. With just over 100 new games in the last three years, our aim is to redefine this hybrid genre with the introduction of City of Greed, a whimsical and engaging game centered around a singular objective: making money.

Tailored for Web3 players, the game introduces a unique twist by incorporating blockchain technology. The core gameplay revolves around a clever combination of slot machine luck, roguelike permadeath, and strategic depth in deck-building. This concoction ensures an accessible yet challenging gaming experience that captivates players from the start.

In Nekoverse: City of Greed, players embark on a captivating loop where the goal is simple: accumulate wealth to pay off the Greedy Mayor’s escalating taxes and, in turn, reap substantial profits.

Key Gameplay Elements:

1. Land NFT: To participate in City of Greed, players must own a Land NFT, transforming traditional land development mechanics into a unique game board. The Land, featuring 20 plots in a 5x4 grid, acts akin to a slot machine, shuffling resource locations each turn. Players strategically roll acquired Resources onto the plots to activate effects, earning in-game currency ($ASG) in the process.

2. Make Money: Players begin with a modest amount of $ASG and a basic set of Resources. The objective is to generate income by strategically deploying Resources and Items onto the plots, leveraging their effects and adjacency bonuses. The game’s core activities involve decision-making regarding the purchase or removal of Resources and Items to optimize synergy and earnings.

3. Pay Taxes: Operating the land requires paying Land Tax within a specified Tax Cycle. Failure to pay results in a reset, reverting the land to its original state with default Resources. The game’s challenge lies in navigating increasing taxes and sustaining income generation.

4. Upgrade Land: Players seeking greater challenges and increased earnings can upgrade their Land to higher levels. Higher-level Lands introduce new mechanics and recover Richness Points (RP) to full, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

5. Enrich Land: Land Richness, acting as tickets in an arcade machine, allows players to initiate runs in City of Greed. Each Richness point is deducted upon experiencing a “Game Over.” Rarer Lands possess higher Richness, offering more play opportunities before Enrich fees must be paid. This mechanic serves as a sustainable Play-to-Earn economy, mirroring the traditional arcade model where players invest to continue playing and earning.

New Update intended to limit “FARM CAMP” AT NEKOVERSE!!!

On November 28, Nekoverse: City of Greed released update 1.2.2 with some important changes as follows:

1. Training Mode

This is a practice mode that helps players easily experience Level Lands as well as practice skills before deciding on Mint Land and starting to make money.

2. Remove Stamina Recovery Mechanism

Now you need to perform Quests (Zealy / In Game) to receive stamina recovery potions or buy them with $ASG instead of automatically recovering twice a day like before.

I’m not too surprised about this Update. Partly it helps the project operate more sustainably and avoid the constant price decrease of $ASG when only needing to Mint/Buy Land once and Earn until death.

Currently, manually browsing Zealy Quests takes quite a bit of time, so I also hope the Game will soon launch the Daily/Weekly Quest feature in the Game so players can do quests and receive stamina potions easily.

Nekoverse: City of Greed promises an immersive gaming experience, combining strategic depth, chance, and blockchain integration for a unique and rewarding gameplay loop. Are you ready to master the art of Greed? Check out the following trailer for a closer look

Official Links

Website: https://cityofgreed.com
Docs: https://docs.cityofgreed.com/officialdocs/
Discord Community: https://discord.gg/nekoverse
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/nekoversechat
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/nekoverse_gg
Youtube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2Gd1t3dDKQ



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