Welcome to Recap AMA IgniteCrypto & MetaMate #AMASeries

  • Play-to-earn feature: players can earn Mingle Dollars or collect MM Egg through in-game activities. Mingle Dollars can be converted to $MTM through our Marketplace. They can also open MM Egg to receive valuable NFTs
    - Create-to-earn feature: MetaMate provides the community with tools so that they can participate in building a Metaverse world full of user-generated contents.
    - Staking and Farming
  • There are also other opportunities to earn in our metaverse. Currently, we are offering prizes and rewards up to $10,000 in our free-to-play version. Let’s join us now, start having fun and earning those $$$! => https://metamatenft.com/



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Ignite Crypto

Ignite Crypto


Linking the value, developing a strong community. Create a solid foundation for the future development of the crypto community.