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On 2 January 2022 21:00 UTC+7 , Ignite Crypto and RainMaker Games got together to host an Ask me Anything (AMA) chat with the community. The following is a summary of the content of the entire AMA

Admin: Lady and gentlemen, let’s welcome Hygeil G @hygeil_rmg — Marketing Associates RAINMAKER GAMES

Hygeil G.: Hi everyone, nice to meet you all and I am happy to be here.

Admin: We have Hygeil G with us to talk more about their new and upcoming P2E platform. Can you tell us more about RainMaker Games as an introduction to everyone?

Hygeil G.: I would be glad to! We at RainMaker Games have been busy for the launch, but doing great! RainMaker Games is launching a free global platform to play hundreds of Play-to-Earn games, connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide. We saw the success of Axie and the opportunity to build a guild in the game. Fast forward to today we have over 1200 players and over 100,000 members in our ecosystem. What is important to note, is that while we have a guild, our company is focused on connecting gamers, guilds and games. We are building the future of gaming platforms so that all players who want to be in Play2Earn can join, even if they don’t have a sponsorship.

Admin: Very interesting, but what makes you stand out from others? Also, what benefits do users get when joining your platform?

Hygeil G.: We are trying to solve a lot of issues in the industry today. Right now, there are a lot of barriers for entry-level players to join. Almost all players need to get sponsored to be able to get in or need to have financial means to purchase game assets. We want the industry to be more inclusive and so our aim is to get all players to join our platform, train and level up so they will reach a status where guilds would want them.

Admin: Can you tell us about your team and how many you are in the team?

Hygeil G.: Sure, we are about 15 or so members to date and growing.Our Founder and CEO Will, actually had his start in crypto in 2017 but took a deep dive into it in 2020 where he found a true application of it through Axie Infinity. We also have our Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Victor who is an old school gamer by heart, from Atari to Dota and all other games you can think of he has played. We have a very interesting team for sure.

Admin: Wow that’s awesome and I think that is a great introduction! So we have prepared some great questions for you so our community can learn more about RainMaker Games. So Let’s start! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Question 1: With your upcoming launch, what sort of activities or giveaways do you have planned for?

Hygeil G.: We have lots in store for everyone for sure, not just giveaways so it’s going to be really fun and exciting that everyone needs to watch out! I recommend everyone join our Twitter and Telegram and you will have access to them all. Right now, we are running some giveaways so I would encourage everyone to join in while those are still open! We also have a sign up for our beta launch for people to get early access to games we are rolling out on our platform.

Admin: Question 2: Can you give us an idea of what the timeline is for RainMaker Games?

Hygeil G.: Sure, so we have a closed beta at the end of December, and by early January we will have our open beta launch. By February, we are targeting to have at least 15 games on our platform and about 20 guilds. And soon, we will also be opening up our own marketplace too!

Admin: Question 3: Now that you mentioned about the marketplace, can you tell us more about that and how it would work? And which blockchains are you working with?

Hygeil G.: Of course! So our NFT Marketplace is a venue for users to sell, buy, rent and loan GameFi NFTs that they can sync into game play within the platform. This allows for the rental of game assets so users can test games before they play them to determine what games they love and want to play long term.

Users can also get access to a digital banking service and we are working with top card providers to give our users access to financial products and services. Right now we think cashing out of crypto to FIAT is a long process, we plan on shortening that. We are launching our token on Copper Launch on the 17th via ERC-20. But quickly after we will have a bridge to BSC. We are also talking internally about possibly Solana and Polygon as well.

Admin: Question 4: As you are planning to work with FIAT, do you require KYC on your platform?

Hygeil G.: Initially we won’t have KYC as we will be working with offramp services but we will see where the road takes us in the future though.

Admin: Question 5: With multiple chains showing up left and right, it has created a problem of interoperability, TPS, among others. How does RainMaker plan to address these challenges to meet the platform’s stated goals for a future of global adoption and no barriers to entry or adoption?

Hygeil G.: Certainly there have been some concerns on that, but we believe it’s how we as a platform can integrate with others. What we are focusing on right now is building strong partnerships with others that would make our platform a success. There has to be an element of human involvement to work with other projects and their partnership teams to integrate across chains and APIs.

Admin: Question 6: Speaking of partnerships, can you tell us some of the ones that you have currently?

Hygeil G.: Great question! Polygon we are working closely with and several games although I am not yet at liberty to say. But we will announce as soon as we are able to.

Admin: Question 7: I know you were able to get well known investors, can you talk about who they are and how much you have raised?

Hygeil G.: We have great investors on board such as CoinFund, Polygon, Merit Circle, Republic and a lot more. Altogether we have raised about 6.5 Million.

Admin: Question 8: It has also been mentioned that your platform would have 3 Tier of gameplay, can you tell us how that would work and how each user can play in those different tiers?

Hygeil G.: So since we really want it to be an all inclusive platform, we created the 3 Tier design of gameplay where each type of user can play depending on what their skill level is or what they are comfortable playing with.

Tier 1, is more for the beginners and entry level gamers where they will play Non-NFT based games then they can eventually level up once they are comfortable enough to the next level which is NFT based games where mid-players (Tier 2) are. High-level players will be in the third tier of gameplay where they can opt to be Guild Verified.

But if you want to pay for the assets directly, we are happy to oblige as well as help you with training and getting better. Our goal is to make gamers be the best version of themselves, so we are here to serve the community.

Although the tier levels are not yet available on beta, but we will be rolling out soon along with other great features we have in store. Nevertheless, we are very excited to get everyone access to our beta when it launches early January.

Admin: Question 9. What we know for now is that $RAIN is earned by members of your guild through gameplay by Staking.It can be used for liquidity pool staking enabling gamers to earn additional $RAIN.So can you give an overview of the Liquidity Pool Staking?Can you please state the amount of $RAIN gamers will stake before they can receive more $RAIN?

Hygeil G.: Very detailed question, actually we are currently finalizing our staking APY. What I can tell you is that we want to highly incentivize holders, we imagine the earning for staking your $RAIN for a long lock up period will allow you to earn at least several hundred APY, if not more. We are super excited about this feature! For now, I do not have much details I can give until we are able to finalize everything internally.

Admin: Question 10: Can you talk more about your Tokenonics by the way?

Hygeil G.: Sure, we have investors between .04-.06 with long lockups. Our token utility is designed in a way that if you hold $RAIN tokens you can earn airdrops, rewards and vote in the DAO we plan to roll out. Also you can get first access to games.

Admin: Question 11. Can non-gamers or newbies still join your platform?

Hygeil G.: For sure, as I mentioned before, we want our platform to be all inclusive from beginners to high end players. We have many training modules on our platform. We want new players to have the same opportunity as active gamers.

Admin: Question 12: Will there be a vesting period for purchased tokens?

Hygeil G.: There will be no vesting for public tokens. But all investors do have lockups.

Admin: Question 13: What benefits does one get when joining GUILDS?

Hygeil G.: As members of guilds, you will be able to vote on what games we bring to the platform, what to do with profits and what features we roll out.

Admin: Question 14: What are your best NFTs as of the moment?

Hygeil G.: Right now, Axie Infinity is the game of choice. But we also love Splinterlands and Alien worlds.

Admin: Question 15: I am a beginner when it comes to NFTs but am interested in buying $RAIN, how can I start or know more?

Hygeil G.: We have built this awesome community in Telegram and we will post and announce on how to get $RAIN, so join us using this link https://t.me/rainmakergames.

Our $RAIN Staking is live now…
🚨 Attention please! $RAIN Staking is live! Wait till you see our starting APR 😍
Where to stake: https://staking.rmg.io
Tweet: https://twitter.com/rainmakergaming/status/1476271695321309194?s=21

Staking Guide — — https://rainmakergames.medium.com/ready-to-make-it-rain-rain-staking-instructions-e5686e649826

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