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On 30 November 2021 18:00 UTC+7 , Ignite Crypto and Slope Finance got together to host an Ask me Anything (AMA) chat with the community. The following is a summary of the content of the entire AMA

Admin: I am very happy that Sam accepted IgniteCrypto’s invitation to attend the AMA with us. Thank you for taking the time to chat with the Ignite community today.

Before starting today’s AMA, Do you have any greetings to the IgniteCrypto community?

Sam : Greetings Everyone, I am so honored to talk with you here

Hope we can have a great time

📍Let’s Move Part 1: Introduction Slope and Sam. Some general questions about the Slope Finance.

Admin: Question 1 Could you please make a brief introduction of Slope for our community friends? And what kind of role will it play in the DeFi and Solana ecosystem?

Sam : Slope refers to the Wallet and DEX built on the Solana blockchain for the community.

Slope is committed itself to becoming the infrastructure for the Solana ecosystem with a wallet as its entrance, and providing a more comprehensive solution as well as an easy access for more users.

There are now two products that have been launched on Slope, including Slope Wallet and Slope DEX. Slope NFT Market and Slope DAO will come soon.

Slope Wallet, as the first cross-terminal wallet in the Solana ecosystem, provides users with more intact experience in the system.

Slope DEX is the first mobile DEX based on Solana, which delivers an interactive experience of centralized exchanges to users, and provides decentralized means of exchange.

It is now planned for Slope NFT Market to connect with leading infrastructure in the Solana ecosystem, so as to provide more options of mobile storage and bidding NFT for our users.

Slope has been adhering to the concept of building for the community from the start. Slope DAO, as an important infrastructure for the community to participate in the construction of Slope, is also included in the development plan.

In addition, Slope is developing a new heavyweight feature for a project secretly. Through unremitting efforts, our team hopes to provide users with better experience. Please stay tuned for the latest progresses of Slope.

Admin: Question 2: Could you tell us something about the background and stories of your team?

Sam : The co-founder of our team, once studied at prestigious universities in HK and the U.S., has many years of entrepreneurship experience in the financial sector with profound insights into finance and technological development. After his company was acquired by another listed enterprise, he started a career in the field of Blockchain, accumulated a lot of knowledge about the industry, and did numerous technical studies during early stages. Last year, he decided to join the Solana ecosystem for its promising future.

The co-founder of our team has many years of experience in traditional Internet operations. In 2017, he entered the Blockchain field and has accumulated many years of experience in project operation. He was also responsible for running and raising money for projects such as polkadot and terra.

The technical partner of our team participated in the construction of Solana and Serum during the early years, and has many years of experience in developing Rust as well as smart contract.

Admin: Question 3: Compared Sollet wallet and Phantom Wallet, What advantage do you have?

Sam : Slope Wallet is the first mobile gateway to Solana eco, to be exact, Slope Wallet is a Cross-platform Wallet. It is available on both Mobile end and Google Extension

In Browser, Slope Mobile wallet has connected more than 60 Dapps, Users can participant in the most popular projects in Solana via Slope Wallet and win rewards.

Recently, we are launching an Airdrop Activity with Port Finance with a total of 10,000USDC, You can check the details at: https://twitter.com/slope_finance/status/1461302007898132480 This activity is live, you guys are all welcome to join. (Event end)

On Nov 26th, Slope Finance will also launch another Airdrop activity with Larix. Please stay tuned:https://twitter.com/slope_finance/status/1462994317912518662

Besides Browser, We have Nucleus — The heart beat of Solana. Here you can learn all News, Ranking, AMA, as well as IDO stuff in Solana eco.

The NFT market is also one of the most popular features in Slope Wallet. Users can buy and sell NFT in the Slope NFT market. If users hope to keep NFT, Slope wallet will also be a perfect place to store.

Admin: Question 4: Can you share more about your Investors?

Sam : Sure, Investors of our seed round include Alameda research, Solana Capital, NGC, Rarestone, Signum, etc. Investors of our PE round include Huobi, Gate and OKEx. We are actively communicating with leading institutions around the world. Besides, these investors are from all over the world, including Japan, the U.K., Australia, Italy, Vietnam, South Korea, the Middle East and South America.

You can check the details at: https://slope.finance/

Admin : Question 5: Besides Slope Wallet, Slope also has DEX, What are the advantages of Slope DEX compared with the existing AMM on Solana?

Sam: Automatic Market Maker (AMM), as a great innovation, has pushed the development of DeFi onto a new level. However, there exist many problems in AMM, for example, users have to provide liquidity for both parties;

Users are not allowed to provide liquidity for specific prices. Users are not allowed to provide liquidity for any prices other than the current market ones.

Users are unable to provide liquidity by confirming the number of quotations on their own terms. Thus, the actual number of quotations is always more than planned.

An order book can solve these problems well, but the existing DEX has no order books. That is because matching orders from buyers and sellers requires a large amount of calculations, while the Ethereum network is too slow, and the costs are too high.

Slope DEX based on Solana provides a matching mechanism for order books. Without trusting third-party supervision, Slope DEX is completely comparable to traditional centralized exchanges in terms of speed, price, and user interaction. Supported by Serum’s cross-chain integration, users can exchange various tokens such as BTC, ETH, ERC20 and SOL on Slope DEX.

Admin: Question 6: Do you have any plans for IDO and TGE?

Sam : We plan to IDO and TGE before March 2022. We will have announcements then. Thank you

For Token distribution, Please check out the details here

Part 2: Twitter on Questions.

Admin: Q1. Why did you choose to develop in Solana? Basically, #BSC and #Ethereum have more mature infrasture and more users in crypto. Even thought $SOL pumped more than 4 times since June.

From Twitter: https://twitter.com/Oliviaa_Alves/status/1465608743257665542

Sam : Solana is a blockchain protocol that outperforms other existing public chains in terms of speed and efficiency.

On the fast-growing public blockchain Solana, the transaction cost is close to $0.00001, and the blockchain can support up to 50,000 transactions per second. The block processing time is 400 milliseconds. With this support, Slope DEX can handle a large number of transactions without a fixed cost.

SOL has been raised more than 4 times since June. More and more people get to learn more about Solana. More and more projects choose Solana to make a variety eco. I am sure, it will better in 2022

Admin: Q2. Phantom wallet has a lot of users, does Slope Wallet has the confidence to reach more users than Phantom in the future? How many users do you have now and what is your goal by the end of this year? what are the differences between Phantom and Slope?

From Twitter: https://twitter.com/satachugg/status/1465593470597230603?s=21

Sam : Thank you for asking. This is a good question. Phantom has a huge user base in Solana. However, Slope has a totally different blueprint. Phantom focused on Wallet, while Slope Wallet aims to build a platform. We have wallet, NFT market, DEX and more in the future. Thanks to the support from community users. we have 200K users who are using Slope Wallet in Chrome and Mobile end in 4 months, So I am pretty confident that we can make solana better eco together

Admin: Q3. How many projects launched on Slope wallet browser right now? And I noticed that there are only limited gamefi projects in the wallet browser. Will you cooperate with more gamefi projects in the future?

From Twitter: https://twitter.com/chuchia_yen/status/1465606226729857031

Sam : Thank you for asking, We have more than 70 dapps in Slope Browser, and 5 of them are Gamefi projects. Gamfi is hot along with NFT. We will collaborate with more Gamfi Projects in the future.

Currently, Slope Wallet collaborated with projects in solana eco every week, such as Port, Larix, and so on. We are eager to collaborated with more NFT and Gamefi projects to give more benefits to community users. Slope Finance is the Wallet & DEX built for community.

Admin: Q4. I watched your promoted video and knew that you have launched the NFT market and Nucleus, will there more features be launched in December? what is the latest development of the product?

From Twitter: https://twitter.com/yuttreo_11/status/1465593645134802947?s=21

Sam : Thank you for asking, In Nov, We have launched NFT market, where user can buy and sell their NFT in Slope Mobile Wallet

And also Nucleus- the heartbeat of Solana, here you can check all info happened in Solana. Ranks, Activities and AMAs

In Dec, We will focus on Cross-chain service, and launch more interesting activities for community users. Thank you.

Part 3: Live Question

Question 1 : As a community based project, how can I donate my quota for your success? Do you have a Global Ambassador Program or a Referral Rewards System? @AlesiaBlevins

Answer 1: Yes, We have global partner program with well paid, Please feel free to send your CV and previous work results to Hello@slope.finance. My team will reply if you are suitable. In Dec, we will also launched a referral program with huge rewards, Please join our community for details

Slope Finance: https://t.me/Slope_community

Slope Vietnam: https://t.me/Slope_Vietnam

Slope Indonesia: https://t.me/SlopeIndonesia

Slope Nigeria: https://t.me/SlopeAfrican

Slope Filipino: https://t.me/slopefilipino

Slope India: https://t.me/Slope_India

Slope Turkey: https://t.me/Slope_Turkey

Question 2: NFT ecosystem is huge and there is fierce competition in the DeFi+NFT space Which NFT project do you see as your competitors? And how do you plan to compete with them? @Calliehudson1993

Answer 2: Instead of Complete, we are mainly provide a huge NFT market, Here users can sell and buy NFTs. Currently, we have more than 20 NFTs listed in our Market. Please download Slope Wallet and check it

Question 3: Security is the most important thing to consider want starting up a project, how secured is this project for users and investors? @inorihanamiya

Answer 3 : First of all, Our DEV team is from top Banks and BAT. second, Slope Finance Smart Contract has been audited. Please check the details at:

Question 4: Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team? @shardaarndt35

Answer 4: As for token distribution, please check out the infographic:

Question 5: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space. @IsraelMay2001

Answer 5: Thank you for asking. This is a good question, more and more users get to know crypto since BTC pumped during convid-19. but there are still countless users are doubtful to crypto. So we pay more effort in this project and finally,SEQUOIA noticed and invested us. SEQUOIA is top investment institutions in traditional finance. It is also a great endorsement for community users.

Question 6: What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products? @moonpastel1

Answer 6: We are mainly focused on a DeFi platform in Solana. Wallet, DEX, and Dao to fulfill different requirements for community users. Slope Wallet is popular right now, but it just the beginning

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➡️Website: https://slope.finance/

➡️ Litepaper: https://slope.finance/Slope%20Finance%20-%20Lightpaper.pdf

➡️Twitter: https://twitter.com/slope_finance

➡️Telegram English: https://t.me/Slope_community

➡️Telegram Vietnam: https://t.me/Slope_VietNam

➡️Discord: discord.gg/3n6vg89v3M

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